weaknesses of your inquiry.


For this discussion, you will be engaging in a mini-qualitative experience.

Choose one of the following Methods to complete your discussion assignment:

1.  Interview: To utilize this method (Intensive Interviewing), you will need to:

1.  Identify a person with expertise or experience in your topic area

2.  Develop an outline with questions and follow questions to drill down.

3.  Record the conversation – notes, audio, or video

2.  Observation: To utilize this method you will need to select an Overt or Covert structure and plan for a way to record what you observe – field notes or audio/ video recording.

1.  Overt observation: go to a public place, e.g., shopping center, sporting event, etc. and observe the individuals & environment for at least 1 hour.

2.  Covert observation: there are so many live webcams from zoos to Disney World. Observe the video stream for at least 1 hour and observe the individuals & environment.

3.  Netnography (virtual ethnography): To utilize this method, you will need to select an online community to study. Due to the online constraints you will not be able to view this community for very long. That stated, you will need to spend enough time with the online community to identify:

1.  Characteristics of the group

2.  Customs/ practices, and possibly language usage of the group

3.  Social processes, hierarchies, interactions of members

4.  Note: this method requires a great deal of time and an emphasis on description.

4.  Focus Group: To utilize this method, you will need to select a group of no less than 7 individuals and:

1.  Focus group leader actively encourages discussion among participants on the topics of interest.

2.  It’s generally best to have group members be strangers and avoid power differentials.

3.  Usually groups are, by design, homogeneous by categories one wants to compare.

4.  The outcomes emphasize discovering unanticipated findings and exploring hidden meanings.


·  Present the following in the discussion thread:

o  Qualitative Method type and a brief overview of your procedure (This includes an questions you created/ used, place, time, etc.)

o  A brief statement of the outcomes of your inquiry

o  A brief statement of the strengths and weaknesses of your inquiry.

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