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Question 1

/ 1 pts
Marvin has end-stage brain cancer and is no longer aware of his surroundings. His wife has to make all of his decisions for him. Marvin’s status is referred to as _____________ death.
Question 2
/ 1 pts
Approximately ________ percent of people in the United States are registered organ donors.
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Question 3

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An increasing number of families in the United States choose to cremate their deceased loved ones. What is one of the primary reasons for this increase?
Familial pressures
Frequent relocations
Cost savings
Land limitations
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Question 4
/ 1 pts
Emmanuel is told that he has pancreatic cancer and his life expectancy is four to six months. He promises himself that he will stop drinking and help other alcoholics if he gets longer to live. According to Kübler-Ross, Emmanuel is in which stage of dying?
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Question 5

/ 1 pts
A/an _____________ is a set of legal documents that includes plans for future medical care and specific instructions for medical personnel and family members.

living will

Do Not Hospitalize order

advance directive

Do Not Resuscitate order
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Question 6

/ 1 pts
Mike’s grandmother died, and he is asking his parents for details about how his grandmother’s body will be handled and what it means to “embalm.” He also wants his parents to explain how her death occurred. Mike is most likely in which developmental stage?
School age
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Question 7

/ 1 pts
Different ethnicities typically respond to terminal illnesses in their own unique ways. Which group tends to actively fight death more often than other ethnicities?

Asian Americans

African Americans
Hispanic Americans
Caucasian Americans
Question 8
/ 1 pts
Carol is a single mother whose only child was killed by a drunk driver. It has been two years since her son’s death. Carol is fired from her job for poor performance and attendance, and she no longer communicates with her family members. Carol is most likely experiencing which type of grief?
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Question 9
/ 1 pts
What is the legal definition of brain death?
The inability to breathe without artificial ventilation
The complete and irreversible cessation of brain function
An irreversible vegetative state
The cessation of a heartbeat
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Question 10
/ 1 pts
Susan’s husband has end stage cancer and he is unable to make any decisions. Susan has access to his bank account and is able to pay his bills. She wants to make end-of-life decisions for him but does not have that specific permission. What type of decision-making does she have?
Healthcare proxy
Durable power of attorney
Medical power of attorney
Medical power proxy
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Question 11
/ 1 pts
Eleanor is unable to make a decision without the input of her friends. She always wants to fit in with her peers. What dimension of well-being best describes Eleanor?
High scorer in autonomy
High scorer in self-acceptance
Low scorer in environmental mastery
Low scorer in autonomy 
Question 12
/ 1 pts
Which of the following is NOT a trend among America congregations?
More ethnic diversity
Increasing numbers of smaller congregations
Declining denominational affiliation
Greater acceptance of gays and lesbians
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Question 13
/ 1 pts
According to one study, which group has more close friends than middle-aged adults?
Older adults
Emerging adults
There was no noted difference.
The answer can be found in Section 16.3 Psychological Strengths That Contribute to Successful Aging in Understanding Development: A Lifespan Perspective (Mossler, R. & Ziegler, 2016).

Question 14

/ 1 pts
How does reaching old age affect one’s level of well-being?
It remains stable or increases.
It decreases with age.
It increases when health remains the same.
It decreases when mental capabilities decline.
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Question 15
/ 1 pts
Myrna enjoys walking every day and is considering adding jogs to her weekly routine. What could be useful information to help Myrna decide to jog?

Jogging 1 to 2.5 hours per week could add up to 5.6 years to her life.

Jogging for an hour each day of the week could add up to 5.6 years to her life.

Walking daily achieves the same results as jogging.

Jogging needs to be done daily to be effective.

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Question 16

/ 1 pts
The selection, optimization, and compensation theory concerns goal attainment. Which of the following scenarios best describes this theory?
Shannon has always enjoyed long-distance walks. She still walks, but she does not walk as fast, walks more often, and only walks on flat surfaces.
Burton has played tennis for 50 years. He still plays, but his matches are with 30-year-old men, he loses more often, and he becomes frustrated with the game.
Dixon wants to continue doing woodwork but is less physically able now. He donates his tools and stops working with wood.
Victoria has a passion for baking but she does not have family near her to eat her baked goods, so Victoria stops baking.
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Question 17
/ 1 pts
Alissa describes herself as a religious none. Which of the following statements best describes Alissa?
She is an atheist.
She is agnostic.
She is religiously unaffiliated.
She believes there should be no religion other than her own.
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Question 18
/ 1 pts
For an individual to be considered wise, the cognitive, affective, and reflective dimensions need to be simultaneously present. This assessment best describes which theorist’s model of wisdom?




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Question 19

/ 1 pts
The Grant study produced a list of seven measures that predicted who would be happy well into old age. Which of the following is NOT a factor in the final list?
A college education
Not abusing alcohol
Suburban living
Regular exercise
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Question 20
/ 1 pts
According to the Grant study, lifestyle choices made at what point in life are predictors of health in old age?
School age
Young adulthood
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Question 21
/ 1 pts
Even though adolescents understand that death is permanent, they still engage in ____ more than adults.
religious beliefs
social activities
cognitive activities
risky behaviors
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Question 22
/ 1 pts
Tim’s sister was in a car accident and was considered brain dead. Her parents decided to remove her from life support because that is what she requested in her living will. This is an example of
passive euthanasia.
active euthanasia.
palliative care.
prolonging quality of life.
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Question 23
/ 1 pts
Death anxiety is the highest in
young adulthood.
middle adulthood.
later adulthood.
Question 24
/ 1 pts
Lewis was very sad to hear that his ex-wife had died, but he did not want to appear sad because he was afraid it would upset his current wife. Lewis is experiencing


complicated grief.

disenfranchised grief.

anxious preoccupation.

Question 25

/ 1 pts
In dealing with the loss of his mother, Jaime is glad to know that she is no longer in pain. According to the dual-process model of coping and bereavement, this is an example of (a)

disenfranchised grief.

complicated grief.

loss-oriented stressor.

restoration-oriented stressor.

Question 26

/ 1 pts
Debbie has a(n) ____ so that if she is ever unable to make medical decisions, her family and doctors will know her wishes.

advance directive

end-of-life plan

palliative care plan

living will

Question 27

/ 1 pts
Gable and colleagues studied women with breast cancer and found that those in the ___ category were more likely to still be alive fifteen years later.

fighting spirit

stoic acceptance


anxious preoccupation

Question 28

/ 1 pts
Carrie is a young adult who is dying from cancer. Carrie is mad at God for allowing this to happen to her at such a young age. According to Kübler-Ross, which stage of dying applies best to Carrie?





Question 29

/ 1 pts
Cultures differ in how they view death and how much emotion can be displayed. The United States is typically considered

death accepting.

death denying.

death avoiding.

death ignoring.

Question 30

/ 1 pts
Reducing pain and suffering and allowing someone to die with dignity is called

preventative care.

prolonging health.

palliative care.

prolonging quality of life.

Question 31

/ 1 pts
Why does the fetus develop a layer of fat under the skin before being born? To help

regulate body temperature.

boost the immune system.

build antibodies.

aid in the birth process.

Question 32

/ 1 pts
Olivia really enjoys drawing and is considering going into architecture. Olivia is high in ____ intelligence.





Question 33

/ 1 pts
Vision often declines in late adulthood. One of the most common problems is when cloudy areas appear on the lens, limiting the passage of light. This is called





IncorrectQuestion 34

/ 1 pts
Besides helping with pain management, epidural analgesia also

increases the risk of preterm birth.

decreases the risk of preterm birth.

increases the risk of a cesarean section.

decreases the risk of a cesarean section.

The answer can be found in Section 3.3, “Birth,” in Essentials of Lifespan Development: A Topical Approach.

Question 35

/ 1 pts
Children and adolescents who are bullies tend to

get lower grades.

be popular.

have distant relationships with their parents.

enter puberty earlier.

Question 36

/ 1 pts
Nathan’s mother often tells him that he is worthless and just makes her life more difficult. This is an example of

physical abuse.

physical neglect.

emotional abuse.

emotional neglect.

Question 37

/ 1 pts
Piaget believed that people organize knowledge into





Question 38

/ 1 pts
Early in life the head and brain develop faster than other parts of the body. This is the ____ trend.



growth spurt


Question 39

/ 1 pts
When a series of genes is responsible for abnormalities, it is called

polygenic inheritance.

sex-linked inheritance.

chromosomal abnormalities.

gene abnormalities.

Question 40

/ 1 pts
Euree is a four-year-old who just became a big sister. All of the following behaviors are typical reactions that Euree’s parents should expect in response to the new baby except


yelling at the baby.

increased maturity.


Question 41

/ 1 pts
Which of the following is not a sign of developmentally appropriate child care for infants and toddlers?

The environment is clean and organized.

Play materials are age appropriate.

Caregivers respond quickly to child distress.

Parents must call ahead before visiting.

Question 42

/ 1 pts
Popular children tend to be

good students.

good listeners.

poor students.


Question 43

/ 1 pts
Nickie remembers her wedding day in great detail. This is an example of a(n) ____ memory.





Question 44

/ 1 pts
Thirteen-month-old Wilson likes to repeat the same syllables over and over. This is called





Question 45

/ 1 pts
One of the most popular intelligence tests that includes the four indices of Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Reasoning, Working Memory, and Processing Speed is the





Question 46

/ 1 pts
After his experiment is over, Trey explains to participants the purpose of the study. This is called ____.


random assignment

informed consent


Question 47

/ 1 pts
Which of the following is a possible reason the teenage pregnancy rate is so high in the United States?

Many teens get pregnant on purpose.

They think if they get pregnant they will get on a reality show.

Parents encourage early dating and sexual activity.

Many do not have easy access to contraceptives.

Question 48

/ 1 pts
The development of intelligence across the lifespan is viewed as a complex process, but previously people thought intelligence declined as we aged. The main reason this was misconstrued was because researchers were examining ____ studies.




mixed methods

Question 49

/ 1 pts
Which sense is the least developed at birth?





Question 50

/ 1 pts
Three-year-old Abigail tries to convince her mom to stay with her at day care. Which phase of attachment development is Abigail in, according to Bowlby’s ethological theory of attachment?


attachment in the making

clear-cut attachment

formation of reciprocal relationship

Question 51

/ 1 pts
Troy is an adult who has a hard time depending on people. According to Erikson, in which stage did Troy likely experience a negative outcome?

Trust versus Mistrust

Initiative versus Guilt

Identity versus Identity Confusion

Integrity versus Despair

Question 52

/ 1 pts
Nine-month-old Isabelle is playing on her blanket in the living room when her aunt, whom she has only met once, when she was three months old, walks through the front door and tries to give Isabelle a hug. Isabelle becomes very upset and starts crying. This is an example of

social referencing.

separation anxiety.

stranger anxiety.

nonverbal encoding.

Question 53

/ 1 pts
Work has a major impact on our finances, our friends, where we live, and our


political beliefs.



Question 54

/ 1 pts
Kelly is baking cookies and when he has to figure out the measurement conversions, he talks to himself. According to Vygotsky, Kelly is using

private speech.


zone of proximal development.


Question 55

/ 1 pts
Four-year-old Colin is talking on the phone to his grandmother and says, “Look what my cat is doing, Grammy. Isn’t that funny?” This is an example of





Question 56

/ 1 pts
One of the main reasons that full-time employment is on the rise during late adulthood is that older adults

get bored easily.

believe the younger generation needs a good example.

don’t believe they have enough money for retirement.

are more likely to die once they retire.

Question 57

/ 1 pts
Jacob has not led a very healthy lifestyle and now at 70 has developed some health problems due to not eating right and exercising. This is an example of

external aging.

internal aging.

secondary aging.

primary aging.

Question 58

/ 1 pts
Child abuse is often not reported for all the following reasons except

many people believe child abuse doesn’t cause any long-term damage to the child.

fear of embarrassing the family.

confusion between what is normal discipline and what is abuse.

fear of legal action.

Question 59

/ 1 pts
The ____ perspective of language development postulates that language learning is innate because the process is similar in cultures across the world.





Question 60

/ 1 pts
Identity answers the question

“What do I like?”

“What do I not like?”

“Who am I?”

“Who do I want to be like?”


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