What do you feel is the most important issue the Florida Legislature should address during the 2023 session?

During the 2023 session, there are many issues that the Florida Legislature must address in order to successfully comply with the needs of the state. For instance, one of the main issues that has been argued for and against is to carry guns within the state without a permit, also known as Permit-less carry. For various years now, this topic has been of great contradiction and argument as many citizens of the state of Florida have supported the Second Amendment which have petitioned for the state to be more lenient when it comes to the restrictions of carrying guns. Republican leaders within the state, like Ron DeSantis mentioned that in the near future, citizens would be allowed to carry guns without a permit. However, some feel like they have been lied to because leaders have not kept their “promises”. Within this situation of being allowed to carry guns without a permit, a conflict has aroused with gun violence prevention advocates because they believe that the state government should not allow its citizens to have this liberty, disregarding the Second Amendment. Hence, they believe that by Florida leaders supporting this, this situation could lead to more gun violence