what you have learned!

The review will be a minimum of 900 words (double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1” margins and I will repaginate).  Less than 900 words = a zero grade. If you do not care enough to do at least the minimum work then I do not need to read or grade your work. You do not need to include your name – just the journal article name that you are reviewing. I will delete and bibliographic information before I look at the length of the assignment.  Do not, under any circumstances, use block quotes from the article.  I have read the articles and students use this to take up space. It adds nothing of substance to the review. The review is your opinion of the journal article.   Does it make sense?  Does the author prove their point?  Did they go about the research well?  How can you apply the research?  Things along that line should be in the review.  This is not a Q&A list but rather a guide for a review assignment.  Please do not aim for the minimum and expect a good grade. In school, just as in life, exceed minimal expectations.  Shine and show me what you have learned!