Which of the following is a strategic purpose fulfilled by discretionary benefits?

Question 51 (1 point)
Which of the following is a strategic purpose fulfilled by discretionary benefits?
Question 51 options:

Accommodating a diverse workforce

Encouraging employee entitlements

Keeping a fixed workforce

Becoming similar to competing firms

Question 52 (1 point)
This term refers to the percentage of the health bill the insured employee is required to pay.
Question 52 options:





Question 53 (1 point)
The SEC’s Summary Compensation Table contains data covering how many years?
Question 53 options:





Question 54 (1 point)
This type of executive bonus is based on a bonus pool that is determined by a fixed-formula that is not determined by the executive’s performance.
Question 54 options:

Predetermined allocation



Target plan

Question 55 (1 point)
The IRS considers Sylvia to be a highly compensated employee for Beautiful Pictures, Inc., which means she has at least one of which of the following qualifications in the preceding year?
Question 55 options:

1% owner in the top paid employee group

5% owner in the top paid employee group

Made over $75,000

Made over $50,000

Question 56 (1 point)
Under the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP), banks with financial assistance from the federal government can only deduct how much annually for an executive’s pay as a business expense?
Question 56 options:





Question 57 (1 point)
The SEC requires compensation information on the CEO and how many of the highest paid executives?
Question 57 options:





Question 58 (1 point)
These entitle an executive to purchase company stock in the future for a predetermined price.
Question 58 options:

Phantom stock options

Incentive stock options

Restricted stock options

Nonstatutory stock options

Question 59 (1 point)
As the vice-president, Sheila will receive short-term incentive compensation awards based on which two conditions?
Question 59 options:

Her rank and compensation level

Her department and rank

Her age and compensation level

Her age and department

Question 60 (1 point)
This is the difference between the stock price at the time of purchase and the lower stock price at the time an executive receives the stock option.
Question 60 options:

Discounted value

Capital gains

Disposition value

Fair market value
Question 61 (45 points)
What are hardship allowances? What are their features? How does the U.S. Department of State determine the value of these allowances? Your response should be 200-250 words in length.
Question 61 options:

Question 62 (45 points)
Discuss the six forms of deferred (stock) compensation. Your response should be 200-250 words in length.

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