words assignment on nursing assessment

Compose a 2250 words assignment on nursing assessment and care plan using orem’s theory. Needs to be plagiarism free! The role of nursing is authenticated in helping people move towards independence in all activities of daily living. They take up the role of a family member. In order to deliver appropriate interventions, nurses must perform a holistic assessment of the patient before arriving at the diagnosis and develop a care plan based on the nursing diagnoses and identification of goals. The care plan must be influenced by a suitable nursing theory. In this essay, a holistic assessment of a patient with diabetes mellitus and ischemic heart disease, presenting with myocardial infarction will be elaborated and discussed with reference to Orem’s nursing theory.

The Orems self-care model of Nursing incorporates 3 sub-theories: self-care deficit, self-care and nursing systems (Comley, 1994). According to the self-care deficit sub theory, “individuals may experience self-care limitations related to their health state and may benefit from the nursing provision of this care or augmentation of their own self-care efforts” (Comley, 1994) The theory considers care of one-self and that of dependents as a type of learned behavior which causes regulation of the structural integrity, development and functioning of the humans. The nursing system ensues at that point of time when the nurse intervenes with the patient either to prescribe medication or to provide care that is intended to take care of self-care deficit and regulate his or her own capabilities of self-care (Orem, 1985. cited in Comley, 1994).

Actions intended to meet various self-care requisites are known as “therapeutic self-care demands” and when these exceed the basic capacity of an individual, deficits in self-care ensue. It is during such deficits that legitimization of nursing intervention occurs (Orem, 1985, cited in Comley, 1994). Through appropriate nursing care, compensation and support for those self-care activities which the client is unable to perform are executed.