Your manager

Your manager has assigned you to develop a research-based business report which the company will use to consider making changes in employee policy. Several topics are being considered and you get first choice in choosing ONE topic. Here are the choices:

(1) The company should provide “free perks” instead of regular raises

(2) Experience should be valued higher than qualifications when hiring or promoting

(3) The company should require all employees to participate in corporate-sponsored sports and/or art classes outside of company time to enhance creativity and a healthy work environment during company time

(4) “Management-by-wandering-around,” a popular management technique, should be used by the company to assist employees in completing their job responsibilities

As required by one of the ENG 3200 course outcomes (listed in the syllabus), this report must contain the following:

– Cover Letter – a Letter of Transmittal to introduce the report to the manager

– Title page (as required by APA format)

– 3 to 5 pages discussion (body) including an introduction, discussion/body paragraphs, conclusion. An abstract is not required.

– Visual (Figure/graph) – must be significant to the discussion and thoroughly explained. Tell readers how this visual enhances the discussion. Be detailed and specific. Do not require readers to interpret the information, so point out areas for them to focus when viewing the visual. Place the visual in the text discussion and not at the end of the document. Refer to the visual with an appropriate title in the discussion such as Figure 1. IMPORTANT NOTE: Place the full source citation in APA format immediately below the visual. This citation is not included on the References list at the end of the report.

– Two (2) additional sources in APA format both in-text and on the References page. The visual does not count as one of these two references.

– A total of three different sources: one for the visual and two others for the discussion

Format for the report – all in ONE document :

(a) Single-space the Letter of Transmittal (examples online) and start APA formatted running page header and page numbering 1 on this page. Address the letter to a management representative to introduce the report.

(b) For the rest of the report starting with the title page numbered 2 and consecutive numbering to the References page: Standard APA format, double-spacing throughout including the References page at the end

(c) Insert the graph/figure closest to where it is mentioned in the discussion and not at the end

(d) At least two sources (secondary and/or primary) must be cited

IMPORTANT NOTE: The report will earn less than ½ credit if the visual is missing as well as if APA format is not used correctly. Do not use any other format such as MLA.

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