Identify a behavior you might want to modify with behavior modification procedures. Typical examples are losing weight, quitting smoking, persisting at a daily exercise program, developing a nightly homework routine, and so on.

  1.  Identify the behavior you might want to modify. <<<<< Persisting at a daily exercise program>>>>

2.  Discuss your behavior and proposed modification program using theoretical concepts including the concepts of Baseline Period. ( You must discuss your proposed program by referring to the theory and pertinent researchers in the field.) DO NOT DESIGN YOUR PROGRAM IN THIS DISCUSSION.

3.  Your discussion must be rigorously presented

This Part is Due 04/18/20^^^^^^^^^^^^^^



1. Collect data about the frequency and conditions surrounding the behavior you wish to modify during this week’s (5-7 day) baseline period. ( baseline = behavior prior to modification including time, frequency, rates, etc. EX: I stop and eat donuts everyday during the week when I am on the way to school. I purchase 1-3 donuts and eat them while I am driving). BE SPECIFIC. YOU MUST OBSERVE AND RECORD YOUR DATA!

2. Present your baseline period data at the end of the week.

3. Design a program to deal the behavior you have chosen using a behavior. modification procedure. Ex: institute a reward and punishment system (for example, no socializing if you have not done your homework, a treat if you do not smoke during a 24‑hour period).

This part is due 04/25/2020^^^^^^^^^