ability to wash the oil off the objects.

1.State a hypothesis in the form of an “If…then” statement that accurately reflects your beliefs about the effects each oil will have on four different substances

2.Complete the following analysis and record your responses to the questions in the space provided below.

  1. Record your hypothesis about the ability to wash the oil off the objects.
  2. Which objects were easiest to clean? What object could not be cleaned off at all?
  3. How can you relate your answers in number 2 above, to the actual results of an oil spill?
  4. What was the significance of weighing your objects before and after the oil? What importance does this hold for the animals exposed to real oil spills?
  5. Why do you think environmentalist groups come down so hard on the people responsible for oil spills?
  6. Reflecting on step 8, why do you think it might have been important to experiment with other ways to clean the stuffed animal? Did you read about any particular methods in the first part of this lab for cleaning animals after oil spills?

3.Write a lab report based on your findings for this lab. Include the following elements in your lab report in the order listed.

  • Title: The title should describe the topic of the lab report.
  • Introduction and hypothesis: Briefly state the purpose of the lab and any important question(s) to be answered. Restate the hypothesis you made at the beginning of the lab in this section.
  • Procedures: Briefly describe or list the procedures you followed earlier to conduct your experiment or collect data.
  • Results: State the results of your work, including whether or not they support your hypothesis. Include all data, tables, graphs, sketches or any observations made during the course of the lab.
  • Conclusion: Write a concise summary of at least one paragraph to conclude your lab. This should include an analysis of your collected data.