Kangen Water – Scam or the Real Deal??

Kangen Water – Scam or the Real Deal??


Directions: Go to the website. Learn more about Kangen water. See the products and

its prices. Give me your personal opinion on it. Do you think Kangen water is a scam

or the real deal? Why or why now? What do you think about the prices of the

machine? Is it worth it? Would you be interested in drinking Kangen water? How can

it affect the environment if it was available for everyone (assuming it’s the real deal).

Come up with a hypothesis and an experiment in which you could test Kangen water.

Make sure you identify your control and experimental group.

**Write a minimum of 1 page answering all the questions above. You may add more

if you’d like.**

Grade weight:

 Personal opinion – 50%

 Hypothesis: 20%

 Experiment: 20%

 1 page minimum: 10%