current global Pandemic


Whether we like it or not, the current global Pandemic has been politicized, at least within the U.S. How has that (or has it) impacted our daily lives? Credible research shows that if the public had been made aware of the essence of this virus, numerous lives could have been saved.  That said, how much information do you think the government should share with its citizens regarding public health?


The pandemic has effected every American lives. We can’t go places we want to go, or do the things we want to do. We can barely be around our family members from out of town, because of this. I feel like they should care, but to a certain amount. I think lockdown is a good idea, but taking away the places we can go is kinda weird


This global pandemic has impacted our daily lives by changing the way we appear in public by wearing facemask everywhere we go, standing 6 feet n line from each other, having limited people in a space, etc. I think the government should share as much of information with us as possible especially if it has anything to do with our health because our health is really important and they should let us know all the precautions we need to follow to keep us safe as well as our immune system.


What kind of abuses might result fro PACs and lobbies?


A type of abuse that may result from PACs and lobbies is political abuse. According to the textbook, PACs are organizations formed to raise money for political campaigns. The textbook also states that Lobbies are organizations of people who wish to influence the political process on specific issues. They both result in abuse because PACs can take away the chances for people that are not from the upper class. They tend to fund politicians that most likely are already rich. There could be a person with less money but is more than qualified for the position but wont get it because of funding. Lobbies can cause abuse too because candidates (that are usually from the upper class) can have friends in high places to endorse them which gives them the upper hand. This is abuse because they may not be qualified for the job but because of their friends, people will believe otherwise.


The most common type of abuse that results from PACs and lobbies is political abuse. A political action committee is an organization whose purpose is to raise and distribute campaign funds to candidates seeking political office. Lobbyists are professional advocates that work to influence political decisions on behalf of individuals and organizations. A type of abuse that could result from PACs ad lobbies is bribery. This abuse of PACs and lobbies can lead to corrupt politicians being voted into office.


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