Discussion 4.1: Public Health Planning and Vulnerable Populations

Discussion Guidelines

Initial Post

  • Locate an article in the media at the local, national, or global level; for example, a newspaper, T.V. news clip, or Web-based report, concerning the health needs (communicable or non-communicable disease) of a vulnerable population.
  • Utilize the How to Spot Fake News (Links to an external site.) resource to determine the credibility of your source.
  • Post a link to the media piece in your post and provide a brief summary.
  • Discuss the following questions:
    • The characteristics (age, sex, race, ethnicity, geographical location, etc.) of the vulnerable population including prevalence.
    • The impact of the vulnerability on health
    • In a primary health care role, briefly describe a prevention intervention (primary, secondary, or tertiary) to address the health issue for the vulnerable group.
      • Depending on your article, how would you plan your prevention intervention differently if the health need were in a rural community (or urban community)?

    Response Post(s)

    Respond to at least two classmates.