Do you support or oppose the expansion of School Choice in Florida? The expansion of the use of vouchers for private school and charter schools?

House Bill (HB) 1 was signed by Governor Ron DeSantis last month in order to expand available school choice options in Florida for all students by eliminating financial eligibility restrictions and the current enrollment cap. Personally, I support the expansion of School Choice in Florida because it allows for students and parents to have the capability to choose which school suits them best based on their needs. By parents being able to choose which school their children attend, it enhances the student’s performance and elevates student achievement.To begin with, the main reason why I support the expansion of School Choice in Florida is because I come from a low income family and I know the struggles that a child must go through in order to become a successful student. For instance, when I was in elementary school, I attended a low income school close to where my mother worked, where the majority of students came from homes that were in great need and assistance. However, my parents noticed that I was not going to have a good future if I continued in that school, and for that reason I was moved to a better school that offered higher education. Hence, what I am trying to argue is that a student’s address or level of income should not determine where a parent decides what academic experience their child needs. This allows for every student and parent to have the ability to select a school and academic experience that best suits their needs. Additionally, I also support the use of vouchers for private school and charter schools because everyone in the state of Florida should have the ability to have access to good education, in this case it could be considered higher education to become successful individuals in the future.