Should Florida’s high growth economic model be replaced by a more sustainable policy?

Florida’s high growth economic model consists of people moving to the state and tourism. The way in which this model began was cheap land throughout the state of Florida. Thiswas the main attraction for developers as they could purchase many acres of land at an affordable price and build homes and new towns throughout the state. Then, the planned community came in, which includes Miracle Mile and the Biltmore Hotel. For instance, back in the day, Coral Gables was individually and progressively built throughout the years and then it became a town.This is because developers many years ago took advantage of the cheap land. Due to this rapid growth and how properties began to get expensive in Miami-Dade, citizens of the state of Florida began to move towards South Broward because developers began constructing properties that were more affordable. Hence, this is why it is normal to see people work up North but work down South. Additionally, Florida’s economy depends on growth, but there are exceptions and this includes the environment and the quality of life.When it comes to analyzing if Florida’s high growth economic model should be replaced by a more sustainable policy, we can agree that there are ways to accomplish this. For instance,exponential economic growth can benefit the environment and not harm it by constantly depending on natural resources.