farmer’s markets

1. Jill is an interior designer who wants to use a photosharing site to show off her achievements; which site is

best designed to do that?





2. The CEO for Simply Superb Coffee is having trouble coming up with the content marketing for her brand. She’s going to try using sticky notes with key phrases and drawings to produce a _________.

written article




3. Pizza Hut’s platform for social media should be integrated with their website.



4. The CMO for Dan’s Doggie Treats is working on developing a ton of new content marketing. He is going to dump it into a variety of media channels then measure the outcomes. This is an excellent first step in putting the content marketing plan into action.



5. Bob’s burgers understands that to get pre-qualified traffic on his website he needs to optimize his website around the key phrases his audience uses in searching online. To get this done he leverages _______ using the key phrases.

marketing strategy

business plan

social media


6. Robbie’s produce stand is overflowing with blueberries this summer. She needs to sell them quickly otherwise they will spoil. Since she is a local business her SEO strategy should focus on



farmer’s markets

All of the above

7. According to iProspect, a natural search receives _______% more traffic than a paid search and the conversion rate is ________% higher than pay-per-click paid searches.

3, 25

30, 250

25, 3

250, 30

8. Lilly lou’s children’s clothing boutique measures their site performance through _________ on their website.

conversion rate


Traffic Volume

all of the above

9. Lou’s Pizza Parlor is updating their website and want to know more about their website audience. They should use Google Analytics look at

location of user

how long people are on each page

where traffic comes from

all of the above

10. Organic search is at the top of the content promotion list.



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