[From the first reading

1. [From the first reading] What are the difficulties with using Appropriateness as a principle for determining valid species names?

2. [From the first reading] What are the major strengths and weaknesses of using Priority to determine valid species names?

3. [From the first reading] When was the Plenary Powers rule adopted and what problems does it solve?

4. [From the first reading] Why was Othniel Marsh seemingly prone to making rushed identifications that lacked thorough consideration? Why was Brontosaurus eventually considered an invalid name?

5. [From the first reading]. What does the author mean by the following statement?: “Equality is a magnificent system for human rights and morality in general, but not for the evaluation of information.”

6. [From the second reading] True or False: This article makes the point that Brontosaurus is a unique situation; species names rarely change in scientific discourse.

7. [From the second reading] Explain (in very general terms) on what basis researchers validated the name Brontosaurus. Does an appeal to Plenary Powers apply here, or is that irrelevant in this case?

Second Reading: https://www.theguardian.com/science/lost-worlds/2015/apr/07/the-thunder-lizard-returns-brontosaurus-resurrected