included in your final project

For the final project, you will choose to investigate American History through the Civil War through one of the following lenses:

Choose one:

Expansion of suffrage: Evaluate how suffrage expanded before the Civil War, your project must focus on the 12th, 14th, 15th amendments, election of Jackson, suppression of women’s rights to vote in the 15th amendment

How slavery defined America: Evaluate how slavery shaped early American history. Your project must focus on debates over slavery in the Constitution, how the Constitution protected slavery, assumptions of the end of slavery, importance of Eli Whitney, economic reasons the North grew away from slavery and the South depended on it, importance of Dred Scott, Lincoln’s views on Slavery, Nat Turner’s Rebellion, the strategic importance of the Emancipation Proclamation, 13th amendment.

Experience of the Oppressed: Compare the experiences of women, African Americans and Native Americans. Include specific examples of how each group was oppressed and also the opportunities that they had. Compare their experiences and decide who had the worst treatment and why.

What it means to be American: Investigate what it means to be an American and how the “American spirit” developed. Include in your investigation, the ideas of Manifest Destiny and examples of what could be seen as divine providence for westward expansion, the importance of the War of 1812 to defining us as an independent country and how the Civil War made us a nation. Postulate what it means to be an American and the most important values that make up our national identity and use specific examples  from early American history to back up your assertion.

Artifacts that must be included in your final project

In addition to what is specified in the directions above for your option, you must also include andanalyze:

1 Supreme Court case ruling that involves your topic

1 political cartoon that involves your topic

1 other primary source document: a letter, new paper article from the time period, a law, treaty etc.

1 speech from a prominent leader

At least 3 other scholarly sources from the library or library database

You will present these artifacts in your final project and you will show analysis of them and include them in the development of your arguments and thesis.

Product Options

Based on your source evaluation you will create a finished product. Your product can include:

2,000 word paper

10 minute Ted Talk that features you giving a speech and is accompanied by images and graphics to enhance your speech

An interactive Infographic or website that includes links to videos, has good graphics and detailed information on each part of the topic prompt you could give people to inform them of the topic

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