learned about The Biome

On Chapter 18, Lesson 3, Page 380 I learned about The Biome. The biome is an aquatic life zone and known for the vegetation in the aquatic biome. There are different zones that are categorized in Photic zone and aphotic zone. There is an illustration (Figure 18.15) that shows us the difference of the zones in an aquatic biome with the Benthic Realm, which is made up of sand and organic sediments. Microscopic algae and cyanobacteria that drift near the surface affect lakes and ponds due to the large inputs of nitrogen and phosphorus from sewage. This affects our oceans and sea animals because they suffer from oxygen depletion (Air restriction) and kill fish that adapted to high oxygen enviornments. This relates to my everyday life because my friends and I go to the beach to clean up garbage in the waters as best as we can and this is a big social issue regarding our concerns with sea life and we always come up with ways to prevent our sea animals from dying. Very interesting topic.

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Hello Briana,

I love how you and your friends go to the beach and help clean up the garbage that people in the water and sand. You guys are making a huge impact by helping the planet out this is a big social issue that is damaging our biome and hurting the wildlife by it. Great post by the way!


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