LAH Quiz

1. Anarcho-syndicalism was introduced to urban industrial centers by immigrants, especially those from
2. Some of South America’s earliest unions resulted from Anarchist efforts to mobilize marginalized groups.
3. José Batlle y Ordóñez rose to prominence in Uruguay’s liberal
4. One of Batlle y Ordóñez’s reforms was to legalize divorce, though it still required the assent of both husband and wife.
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5. The secret ballot and system of proportional representation were introduced in Argentina through the
6. Hipólito Yrigoyen offered employment and other favors in return for political loyalty, a practice known as
7. Hipólito Yrigoyen was a supporter of unions regardless of their political associations, under the belief that a strong working class would benefit Argentina.
8. Labor groups sought to address gender inequality and female exploitation in the workplace as a way to recruit new members.
9. Activists like Alicia Moreau campaigned for suffrage by arguing that
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10. In 1922, Yrigoyen formed the world’s first state-owned
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11. The Chilean leader viewed as a precursor to populism was
12. The first Latin American country to grant women the right to vote was
13. The military response to the 1928 banana workers’ strike in Ciénaga against the United Fruit Company violently dispersed a crowd of _______.
14. Soccer was introduced to South America by immigrants from
15. The first phase of the Mexican Revolution, in which Porfirio Díaz was removed from power, lasted
16. The only Latin American nation that attempted to address the needs of indigenous communities through land reform was