Who are Americans? infographic to answer the following questions

(Q001) Watch the animation and study the Who are Americans? infographic to answer the following questions.

Click to launch the Who Is Represented by PACs? animation.

Click here to view the infographic.

Based on the information presented in this activity, which of the following statements is accurate?

PACs spent equally on Republicans and Democrats in 2016.

PACs representing financial groups spent the most.
PACs representing all sectors have always spent more on Republicans than Democrats.

PACs representing financial groups and agricultural groups tend to favor Democrats, while PACs representing lawyers and lobbyists favor Republicans.
Question 2

(Q002) Approximately how much did PACs representing the transportation industry spend in 2016?

$120 million

$26 million

$9 million

$5 million
Question 3

(Q003) Which of the following industries’ PACs most heavily favored Republican candidates?

lawyers and lobbyists



Question 4

(Q004) Why do you think PACs have recently been more likely to donate to Republican candidates than to Democratic candidates?