theological and political problem

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the theological and political problem and the emergence of philosophy in the west and islam Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The social contract theory of leadership which is the foundation on which most of the modern democracies is built establishes that the society comes together and signs a contract with their leaders to lead them for a period and defend their interests. In doing this, the elected leaders conduct in accordance with pre-established ground rules commonly referred to as the constitution. In the formation of both a state ad the constitution governing, religion plays a great role key among which is unifying the society. A society is a group of people habiting a geographical territory. The group of people draws most of their uniting factors from religions key among which are Islam and Christianity (Guerra 42).

Religion is the belief and the worship of a supernatural being. Most people use religions to find answers some of which the common knowledge of science cannot always provide. Religions base their teachings on the definition of life providing answers on the origin of man and his destiny in the afterlife. Basic knowledge in science explains these questions quite vaguely. In doing this, religion teaches on societal values, elaborates a list of vices, and advises their adherents against such. In doing this, religion thus defines society and by making people more peaceful and more united (Reilly 33).

Religion, therefore, plays a part in the formation of nations by defining the societal values some most of which find their way in the constitutions of the country. The American bill of right, which is the most elaborate explanation of human liberties, seeks to defend the privileges of humanity. the privileges are based on equality of human life, which is a basic teaching of all religions in the world. Religions, therefore, are the centerpiece of the social structures enjoyed in the world today. Coincidentally, the social structuring of society results in the creation of the political structure (Manent 41).