defensible statement

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on reality in philosophy Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The subject matter of metaphysics is considered as “being as such’ referring to that which cannot be changed. It also includes the first two causes of things that will never change.

This is the thesis of metaphysics and is considered the defensible statement of the subject matter of the so-called physics. Metaphysics seeks to explain the relationship between the body and the mind and the freedom of will as well the personality identity over time. In the explanation of the relationship between the body, mind and freedom of will, it denies that there are first causes that cause the relationship to change. However, the body, mind and freedom of free will are beyond that which is bound in the study of physics. Such kind of denial is certainly a metaphysical thesis in the current sense that the relationship is bound to change. In reality, everything changes and nothing that does not change. However, other philosophers explain that, a special group of things that ought not to change i.e. how the body and the mind functions will never change. Examples of subjects and statements that are considered metaphysical include “Essence precedes existence, existence, in reality, is larger and greater than in the understanding alone” and “being is logic, not a real predicate. ‘ such kinds of subjects are beyond the physical world and are bound not to be victims of change.2

The concept metaphysics is coined from the Greek word meaning beyond i.e. study of that which is unknown beyond physics. The prefix “meta” means beyond indicating that the scope will come after the chapters of physics. The subject is also referred to as the chronological order among the philosophical studies. For example, what is studied after mastery of the science concepts that ought to deal with the physical world and cannot be changed? As a discipline, metaphysics is a central part of academic inquiry of facts that are beyond the physical world as well as scholarly education even before the existence of Aristotle. It is a unique science and the physical elements are considered less important than other main formal subjects of mathematics, physical science music and poetics.


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