Platos The Republic.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic IV of Platos The Republic. Among the four qualities which Plato regarded as being of huge significance, morality outstands the rest – self-discipline, courage, and reason. As Plato perceived it in his time, it is morality that determines the rise or the ruin of the State, demonstrating this philosophy by way of exemplifying the situation where there emerges conflict once the trader, warrior, and legislator switch duties on purpose. Each of these professions indicates a status of power so that an unfavorable interference in State affairs may be brought by the point when an individual designated in any of these positions makes an attempt to handle someone else’s work. For Plato, it would generate the State the most harm and evil if one aspires to labor beyond his inclinations especially when the job the person is originally identified with suits his potentials well because then, crossing over another line of work reduces heart and devotion for the former. This, hence, brings to thought how morality plays a significant role in acquiring goodness for the entire community.

Plato proposed that an individual’s morality or capacity function in the State occurs to bear competition with “political virtues, reason, self-discipline, courage.” To analyze how this could be so in reality, it may help to imagine how the loss of morality tends to corrupt with greater impact, affecting a wider scope of society and value system compared with the problematic issues associated with the loss of courage, reason, or self-discipline which typically stay within moderate areas of concern. The idea with ‘meddling’ or ‘interchange’ between job functions in the light of Plato’s claim is that it gradually establishes the mind of greed and unnecessary acquisition of power in order to fulfill selfish interests. Apparently, the State is not merely composed of single or few entities in human form who are basically rational and capable of thinking in various respects. Individuals who constitute the overall governing body for a nation or multitude possess networks comprising other human beings with whom opinions and schemes are shared that it becomes dangerous to assume business in addition to one’s own.

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