Week 5: Middle Range Theories: Community, Technology, and Meaning

In this lesson, we will explore the commonalities associated with the community nursing practice model and the theory of meaning (logotheory). As the advanced practice nurse incorporates core tenets from these theorists, the quality of nursing care will be enhanced.

The technological competency as caring theory (TCCT) fosters the premise of a harmonious blending between technology and caring. As the nurses come to know the individual as a person and not an object, technology will facilitate how they may not only understand each person’s uniqueness, but also provide dynamically individualized care.

Discussion Guidelines:

Discussion 5.1: Community Meaning and Technological Competency

Initial Post

Address the following issues and questions in your initial post:

  • Consider the following graphic and how the nursing encounter is made of designing, technological knowledge, and participative engaging with the patient/client/person.
    Knowing Persons as Caring process places patient/client/person at the center of every encounter.

    Adapted from Smith, M. C. (2020). Figure 26-1. The process of knowing persons as caring, and the nursing encounter nursing theories and nursing practice. In Nursing theories and nursing practice (5th ed., p. 443). F.A. Davis.

  • What role has technological competency played in your nursing care? Share a specific example, incorporating the language of Locsin’s Technological Competency as Caring in Nursing Theory.
  • Different types of traumatic events may lead to various types of reactions and patterns of community healing. Logotheory was developed by Viktor Frankl, who asserted that life has meaning under any condition, even the worst conceivable one. Reflect upon some traumatic community events: Hurricane Harvey in Texas (2017), Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico (2017), the Las Vegas shooting (2017), the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, CT (2012), the COVID-19 pandemic (2020) or perhaps a traumatic event in your own community. How would you utilize the three core principles of logotheory to help individuals in a community cope with post-disaster symptoms (sadness, terror and rage, grief)? Describe how the four themes (nursing, person, community, environment) of the community nursing practice model can help guide the care of victims after traumatic community events.

This discussion will be graded using the Discussion Initial Post and Replies Rubric found in your syllabus.

Application of Nursing Theory to Clinical Practice Paper

The community nursing practice model presents the nurse with a strategy for delivering nursing care that is complex, diverse, and interprofessional. Embedded in the action of the nurse is the notion of meaning. According to logotheory, the search for meaning in life and life events will be evidenced in the actions of both the nurse and the client.

Through the ever-evolving discipline of nursing, the role of technology and the importance of technological competency are increasing and diversifying. In the discipline of our field, we strive to blend the art of nursing with technology.