Week 4: Clinical Practice and Middle Range Theories

Discussion Guidelines

Review the graphics and respond to the questions that follow.

Consider the central concepts of story theory. Begin by connecting with self-in-relation (developing story-plot). Use intentional dialogue (complicating health challenge). Finally, create ease (moving toward resolution).

Story Theory with Method

Adapted from Smith, M. J. (2014). Story theory. Middle range theory for nursing (p. 234). Springer.

Next, consider the following image representing Comfort Theory and its eight major concepts including healthcare needs, nursing interventions, intervening variables, enhanced comfort, health-seeking behaviors, and institutional integrity. Health-seeking behaviors include internal behaviors, peaceful death, and external behaviors. Institutional integrity includes best practices and best policies.

Comfort Theory

Adapted from Smith, M. C. (2020). Figure 21-2. Conceptual framework for comfort theory. In Nursing theories and nursing practice (5th ed., p. 374). F.A. Davis.

Now consider the following image representing the Quality-Care Model and its concepts of humans in relationships, relationship-centered professional encounters, leading to an outcome of feeling “cared for” and over time, enhancements in the systems’ well-being.

Quality-Caring Model

Adapted from Duffy, J. (2018). Revised quality-caring model ©. Quality caring in nursing and health systems: Implications for clinicians, educators, and leaders (p. 49). Springer.

Initial Post

  • Describe how story theory will strengthen the care you provide to clients.
  • Now, identify a specific example of a client you have encountered and explain how you could have used one of the following theories to provide quality care.
    • Kolcaba’s Theory of Comfort
    • Duffy’s Quality-Caring Model


Assignment Guidelines

Consider a transition you are personally engaged in now. Write a brief paper addressing the following items:

  • Identify the characteristics of the transition that you have observed, as defined in transitions theory.
  • Analyze the changes that you are experiencing because of the transition.
  • Analyze personal, community, and societal conditions that may have influenced the transition that you are experiencing (list influences such as cultural beliefs and attitudes, socioeconomic status, and level of preparation that have affected your approach to the transition).
  • Review your responses to the transition and consider the outcome of the personal transition in the first question. What would facilitate successful outcomes to the transition? What might inhibit successful outcomes?

Your paper should be two to three pages long (not including the title page or reference page) and use correct APA (7th edition) formatting. Cite at least one source, and you are welcome to utilize sources outside of this week’s readings.

This assignment will be graded using the Assignment 4.1: Transitions Theory Rubric found in your syllabus.