ART 160 Graded Quiz – Chapters 1.1 and 1.2

The dark printed words on the page of a book are easily read because they are printed on a light ground. This is an example of the principle of ________.
The sphere that designer Saul Bass created for the AT&T logo is not defined by a continuous boundary. This type of shape, which can be suggested by dots or lines that do not connect, is termed ________ shape.
an implied
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The combination of jarring vertical and diagonal lines in Vincent van Gogh’s The Bedroom creates an atmosphere of ________.
The French artist André Masson wished to explore the psychological source of creativity through his “automatic” ink drawings of ________ lines.
Henri Matisse drew Woman Seated in an Armchair using ________ line so that he could represent her figure with great economy while being descriptive.
This type of shape is composed of unpredictable, irregular lines.
In his Obey campaign poster Shepard Fairey used a striking contrast between positive and ________ shapes to attract the attention of the public.
The artist Dosio, in his drawing of the Church of Saint Spirito, created an impression of three dimensions by using line to show the division between ________.
In her painting Music—Pink and Blue II, Georgia O’Keeffe emphasized the blue ________ space in order to attract the viewer’s attention into a deep interior.
A line that is a continuous mark is ________.
an actual line
An empty space defined by its surround is known as ________ shape.
a negative
In Pablo Picasso’s Blonde Woman in Profile, the artist uses a ________ line that follows the contours of the model’s profile.
Miriam Schapiro’s collage Baby Blocks combines two different kinds of shape. ________ is the term used to describe a shape that suggests the natural world, while the term geometric suggests mathematical regularity.
Some Jewish texts create images using this kind of line made up of small letters.
implied line
A shape made of perfectly straight lines would probably be classified as ________ shape.
a geometric
Sculptors Ralph Helmick and Stuart Schechter experimented with open volume when they created this hanging sculpture, installed in the Evanston Public Library in Illinois.
A three-dimensional surface that is designed to be viewed from only one direction is known as a ________.
The ________ texture of Anish Kapoor’s sculpture Cloud Gate is appealing for viewers to touch.
Marisol was commissioned to create a sculpture of the Catholic missionary Father Damien. A stout figure in heavy bronze, the statue possesses a weighty ________ that communicates the strong beliefs and courageous determination of the priest.
Because a form exists in “real” space, we can experience it not only visually, but also through our sense of ________.
This American architect designed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain with an emphasis on the variety of forms and tactile surfaces. Who was this architect?
Frank Gehry
In her work Object, a fur-lined teacup and saucer, the Swiss artist Méret Oppenheim employed subversive texture to contradict conscious logical experience. She belonged to the ________ art movement, which drew on ideas and images from dreams and the unconscious mind.
Méret Oppenheim was part of an art movement that rejected rational, conscious thought. Her fur-lined teacup and saucer, Object, conjures an unexpected and illogical sensation for the viewer by using ________ texture.
Forms that tend to be irregular, and similar to naturally occurring objects, are known as ________ forms.
These four visual elements of art—form, volume, mass, and texture—are present in ________ works of art.
To imply greater depth, the sculptor who created the relief carvings on the outside of the Ara Pacis Augustae carved the figures in the ________ more deeply than those that are in the background, in order to make them stand out more.
A sculpture designed in the round can be viewed from ________.
nearly every angle
Vladimir Tatlin’s Monument to the Third International was intended as a heroic symbol commemorating the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. If it had been built, it would have been much smaller than the Eiffel Tower.
This term refers to the substance contained in an object, but it does not necessarily imply weight.
________ volume is a space that is enclosed by materials that are not entirely solid.
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an open

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