Fiction Unit Creative Work & Essay

For this essay, you will compose an original creative work inspired by one of the Unit I stories (Unit I films are not eligible) and then analyze the work and the story. Outside research will be used to support your analysis. The creative work and the essay will be submitted on the essay assignment page as separate files.Creative Work Options (choose just 1 of the following):Audio1) An 8-song (or more) playlist inspired by story2) a verse-by-verse juxtaposition of a song with events in the story3) an original song inspired by the story4) a ‘remix’ using quotes from the story set to musicVisual1) a drawing or painting inspired by the story2) a photo collage (physical or digital) of at least 8 pictures inspired by the story3) comic strips (3 comics of at least 3 panels each) or memes (at least 3) inspired by the story4) Posters, advertisements, or public service announcements inspired by the story (3 examples: you can do 1 of each or a mix of the categories)Narrative1) a sequel or prequel to the story, OR a different ending for the story (at least 500 words)2) a rewriting of part the story using a different perspective (at least 500 words)3) a resetting of part of the story using a different time, place or social class (at least 500 words)4) social media posts (at least 6) written by a character in the storyRemember, you are only choosing 1 of the above options, an audio work OR a visual work OR a narrative work. If you wish to use one of the creative works you composed for the Unit I discussions as a starting point for your Fiction Essay creative work, you may do so. However, the new creative work should substantially expand and improve on the original. Once the creative work is complete, write at least a 1000-word analysis of your creative work and the story:Analytical Essay ParametersIntroduction1) Explain why you chose this story, creative medium, and literary term (hook).
2) Discuss how you were inspired by the story to make your creative work, and how the process helped you to understand the story and the literary term better (thesis).Body1) Explain how the details of the creative work were inspired by the story (close reading)2) Discuss how the creative work helped you understand the story better.3) Discuss how the creative work helped you understand the literary term better.4) The critical sources (at least 2) should be used in the body section.Conclusion1) Explain what you learned about the story and literary term from making your creative work.2) Explain what you learned about yourself or your creative process from making the work.Sources and Citations1) At least 2 direct quotes from the story should be used in the paper.2) At least 2 different critical sources should be used in the paper. Use the 2 sources you found for the Annotated Bibliography. 3) You may use more than 2 sources if all sources come from the library databases.4) Use MLA page format, in-text citations, and a works cited page.For more specific details on the contents of the paper, please look at the Fiction Essay Outline Guide.Unit Outcomes1) Use the multi-stage prewriting process to plan a literary essay.2) Write a researched essay that argues the meaning of a story using literary terms.3) Respond creatively to fiction.4) Use correct MLA page format and documentation format.5) Apply active reading skills to both literary and critical readings.Course Outcomes1) Apply a multi-stage composing and revising process to produce essays.2) Compose a written argument using evidence from varied sources.3) Apply conventions aligned to varied writing situations.4) Document source material in accordance with at least one recognized documentation style.5) Apply critical reading skills.