Literary Elements and Devices (A Good Man is Hard To Find)

Read, Analyze, Discuss


  • Read: A Good Man is Hard To Find by Flannery O’ Connor
  • Think about the literary elements and devices, used in this story.
  • While reading, think about how the characters felt and utilize your senses. (smell, taste, hear, feel, see)
  • Answer the questions below in two separate paragraphs and use textual evidence.
  • Read two or more of your peers’ responses. While reading your peer’s response, try to understand their point of view.
  • Reply to two of your peers by politely agreeing or disagreeing. Respond in one-two paragraphs, using textual evidence.


  1. Name one element that you think is very influential in the succession of this story. How does it affect the reader? Include examples.
  2. If you were a character in this story what role and type of character will you choose and why? Include examples and be creative.