My Four Favorite Songs, Analyzed

Literary Devices in SongsLinks to an external site.

In order to have a better understanding of literary elements and devices, we need to include music and songs. From rap to country music, there are many forms of literary devices that we probably never paid attention to. For this discussion activity, you will choose one of your favorite songs and discuss their elements or devices.

But here is the fun part! 

Think about your favorite song and either upload the video or the song itself. Clean versions only, please!

After you submit your song, you will read and listen to your peers’ choices. Choose two and then discuss your thoughts about their song(s).

Don’t forget to cite your work! Use your MLA resource module to assist you with citing music or videos.


  1. Pick one of your favorite songs
  2. Include the following information
  3. Name of song and the singer/rapper
  4. Why did you choose this song? (Because I like it is not an acceptable answer)
  5. Identify the literary theme or device used for the song?
  6. Upload the video or the song itself, to share with the class


My example:

Speed Me Up by Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Yachty, and Sueco the Child.

I chose this song because it has a catchy fast beat with a strong baseline. Plus, it was a great ending credit song choice for the movie.

Even though it was created for the Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack, the lyrics still discuss some form of struggle.

The literary element that I chose was; Man vs Society. (Conflict) The lyrics discussed how fast each rapper reached their achievements and enjoyed the positive accolades. However, what remains interesting is they are still viewed negatively by society.