. Wholesome Snacks

1. Wholesome Snacks, Inc., the maker of a variety of cookies and crackers, has just created a new vitamin-packed

cookie. The new cookie has the potential to combat many of the health problems caused by malnutrition in children throughout poverty-stricken areas of the world. To date, however, many of the larger developing markets have resisted opening distribution channels to Wholesome’s products. Wholesome realizes that its new cookie could also help open the door for the company to sell its less nutritious products in these markets. Therefore, the company is offering the new cookie at a low cost to government relief programs in exchange for the long-sought distribution channels. The company feels the deal is good for business, but the countries feel it is corporate bullying.

What do you think about Wholesome’s idea for opening a new distribution channel?

2. Discuss the concept of supply chain integration. How does it result in better customer-related outcomes?

3.  What advantages does franchising provide to franchisers as well as franchisees? If you were to start a business, would you open a franchise, why or why not?

4. How can a company create a good atmosphere on its Web site? What is a favorite website of yours and does it have a good atmosphere, why or why not?

5. Compare shopping at Wal-Mart and Publix. Why do you purchase items from these stores? List the factors that played a role in your decision. Which factor is most important to you?

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